OLAV has performed multiple projects for Northeast Utilities and NSTAR (both now part of Eversource). Client comment: “Nice job on the solution. The Go-Live was textbook. It was a really good day.” Mark Lemke, IT Project Manager 1. Database Conversion and Migration – Database conversion for an application upgrade for Northeast Utilities from an older version of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to the latest version Multi-Version Upgrade). OLAV assisted in the initial implementation of Asset Suite/PassPort at NU in 1995. In addition, OLAV set up stand-alone Asset Suite/PassPort Implementations for the Seabrook and Millstone Nuclear Facilities. These were both provided to the company that bought these two facilities. Multi-Version Upgrade:

  • Northeast Utilities was at the time the largest energy company in New England, based in Berlin, CT.
  • For this extensive project OLAV performed the entire database conversion and migration from an older version of an Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system to the latest release. This conversion was particularly difficult because of the large time span (i.e., it spanned 5 versions of the software, which resulted in significant data differences) between the two software releases. The project tasks included full project planning, business process reviews, data consolidation, data cleansing/scrubbing, data mapping, data verification and validation, several full pre-production data test loads, and the production data load.
  • In addition, OLAV performed a significant data reduction to remove the data associated with facilities that had been sold by Northeast Utilities. This last task is a form of archiving of the data from the production system.
  • This project came in under initial budget. A few post-production data problems were encountered and corrected in the first production week. The client was especially satisfied with the results of this project.
  1. Combine Multiple Production PassPort Regions Into One Data Repository for Reporting and Standardization– This project entailed: 1) Combining PassPort Regions of different versions into one common data repository that is updated daily (using Informatica), 2) Providing a state-of-the-art web interface Catalog ID search capability (using .net C# and MicroFocus COBOL), 3) Providing a state-of-the-art web interface Vendor search capability (using .net C# and MicroFocus COBOL), 4) Providing high level reporting for management (using BI Publisher), 5) Providing an Admin tool to standardize data for new enterprise system (Vendors, Catalog IDs, Catalog ID Templates, etc.) using web interface, .Net C#, and MicroFocus COBOL. 3. PassPort Accounting Interface for Report Generation -This Project created a comprehensive interface of Passport (now Asset Suite) to the PowerPlan Financial System for accounting and issue data transactions. All transactions with any tax implications are captured. The project also required the heavy modification of the Asset Suite/PassPort System (computer programs and data) to function correctly with PowerPlan. This process integrates multiple Passport instances into a common data warehouse. Olav personnel were used to define and map Passport transaction entries. The system was set up to run an automatic production feed with global preferences for extracting and purging data. It also provides an ad-hoc process for creating customized data extracts going back to the inception of Passport.
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