Executive Staff

Eric W. Jonassen

President/Senior Consultant

Mr. Jonassen has provided consulting services to utility clients for more than thirty-five years. As a Senior Consultant from 1985 to the present, he has managed senior engineering and software development personnel on numerous projects. Mr. Jonassen used his Master’s Degree in Nuclear Engineering and extensive software development experience to design and develop a fully integrated nuclear data management system. This system included Plant Equipment, Records and Document Control, Maintenance and Operations, Health Physics, Electrical Cable and Raceway with Fire Protection Appendix R Analysis and Inventory Control applications. Mr. Jonassen’s unique understanding of data flow issues has enabled him to manage all aspects of data loading activities, including data source determination and consolidation, development of data loading tools, configuration of data loading hardware, mapping data to the correct destination and ensuring compliance to QA procedures. Mr. Jonassen’s extensive experience on large database applications, as well as having managed more than 100 comprehensive data loads, resulted in his development of a highly effective methodology for mass loading data into large systems. He has completed work on most aspects of data conversion for the Asset Suite/PassPort implementations at Alayeska, American Electric Power (AEP), Bruce Power (Canada), Exelon, Nevada Power, NSTAR, Omaha Public Power District (OPPD), Pantex, Public Service of New Mexico, Northeast Utilities, Tri-State, Xcel Energy, a large public power authority, and a large insurance company. Mr. Jonassen has eleven years of Asset Suite/PassPort experience up to and including Asset Suite/PassPort Release 10.0.

Will Jonassen

Chief Technology Officer

Will Jonassen was named Chief Technology Offier of OLAV in 2013 to oversee corporate strategy and security. He has more than 9 years of experience in Information Technology, ranging from Quality Assurance and project management to Software development; with extensive experience with large scale storage systems and databases. In addition strategy, Will also leads software development for OLAV. Previously Will worked at EMC, a major player in storage technology, where he configured data centers. He has also been a principle in multiple mobile technology startups. Will holds a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science and mathematics from St. Lawrence University.

Michael H. Lane

Senior Consultant

Michael Lane has more than eighteen years experience in software system design and implementation, with an additional five years of design/plant engineering. His software implementations have focused on power generation, petro-chemical and paper/pulp industries. As a Senior Consultant for OLAV, Mr. Lane has been responsible for the development and implementation of Asset Suite/PassPort data conversion and manipulation strategies for several important OLAV clients, including Alayeska, American Electric Power (AEP), Dominion Resources, Exelon, Nevada Power, Northeast Utilities, NSTAR, Public Service of New Mexico, Tri-State and a large public power authority. Prior to his work with OLAV, Mr. Lane acted as a Program Manager for the original PassPort team where he developed a proof of concept for a hosted Asset Suite/PassPort offering. Highlights of his work history include: data conversions, implementation of large systems, interface design and development, procurement engineering, database managing, software quality assurance, computer programming and hardware/software system design. Mr. Lane has twelve years of Asset Suite/PassPort Experience up to and including Release 10.0.

Rich Lewis

Senior Consultant

Rich Lewis has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of software development, testing, implementation, support and tuning, as well as installation and configuration of supporting infrastructure software and hardware packages. He has particular expertise in the Asset Suite/PassPort enterprise asset management system, with over two decades experience as a Systems Engineer for the application’s manufacturer and implementation consultant for end user clients. Rich has installed Asset Suite 9, created and executed a data migration from AS 6 to AS 9, and performed AS 9 tailoring/ customizations.

Daniel D. Smith

Senior Consultant

Daniel Smith has more than thirty years experience in software system design and implementation. His software design and implementations have focused in the areas of banking (3 years), military supply chain (6 years) and utility supply chain (22 years), as well as three implementations of Asset Suite/PassPort, and one of PassPort Maintenance Planning and Control (EMPAC). Prior to his work with OLAV, Mr. Smith acted as Senior Project Manager for the Tennessee Valley Authority. There he was responsible for the implementation of Asset Suite/PassPort 8.0, which consisted of Asset Suite/PassPort supply chain modules. For the past six years, Mr. Smith has worked as a Senior Consultant for OLAV. He has worked on the implementations of Asset Suite/PassPort for American Electric Power (AEP), Bruce Power (Canada), Exelon, Nevada Power, Pantex and Tri-State. Highlights of his work history include implementation of large systems, interface design and development, data conversions, software quality assurance, computer programming and software audit and control. Mr. Smith has over ten years of Asset Suite/PassPort experience up to and including Release 10.0.


OLAV & Co., Inc. maintains three consultants with combined experience of over eighty years. These individuals are just short of the required experience to rate as senior consultants. The basic Senior Consultant requirements are: at least twelve years of general experience, four years of Asset Suite/PassPort experience and having managed a project of at least one million dollars. The combined Asset Suite/PassPort experience exceeds twenty years.

Senior Analyst/Programmers

OLAV & Co., Inc. maintains on staff three Senior Analyst/Programmers with over fifty years of combined experience. These staff members bring to OLAV & Co., Inc. a wide and diverse range of skills and experience in both the mainframe and personal computer environments. Areas of expertise range from high end mainframe systems (DB2 and COBOL), PC based productivity tools and database handlers down to very low level TCP/IP network programming at the assembly language level. This unique and powerful skill set is well matched to the range of challenges presented by modern database conversion projects. The combined Asset Suite/PassPort experience exceeds twenty years.

Senior Materials Analysts

In addition to OLAV & Co., Inc.’s strong technical staff, two staff members specialize in materials analysis with over forty years of combined experience. Both members have backgrounds in civilian and military nuclear power environments with comprehensive and encyclopedic knowledge of plant components and materials, as well as direct experience in ordering and maintaining parts inventories. In addition, both have played critical roles in the successful conversion of materials information from legacy systems to the Asset Suite/PassPort system.