Hitachi Energy Asset Suite/PassPort EAM Solution

OLAV & CO., provides software products and consulting services for organizations installing or upgrading to Hitachi Energy Power Grids Asset Suite/PassPort™ application software.
For over twenty-five years, OLAV has provided large enterprises with a variety of Asset Suite/PassPort-related services. Our work with the latest version, Asset Suite 9, includes system installation, business process analysis and documentation, data migration for AS 9 upgrade, and system tailoring/customizations.

For more information on each of these services click the links below:
  1. Asset Suite/PassPort™ System Data Initialization and Data Conversion
  2. Asset Suite/PassPort™ Release Upgrade
  3. Asset Suite/PassPort™ Production System Data Modification
  4. Asset Suite/PassPort TIDBLOB™ Table Services
  5. Legacy Catalog Description to Asset Suite/PassPort™ Template Conversion
  6. Legacy Company/Manufacturer/Vendor Consolidation
  7. Asset Suite/PassPort™ IBM/DB2 to UNIX/ORACLE Migration
  8. Asset Suite/PassPort™ Financial Integration Experience