Asset Suite/PassPort™ Release Upgrade

When a new release of Asset Suite/PassPort becomes available, companies should prepare to migrate their current release to the most recent release.  Hitachi Energy provides migration utilities to assist customers in moving from one release to the next, for example Asset Suite 7 to Asset Suite 9. However, when an organization is still running a back release of Asset Suite/PassPort - for example, Asset Suite 6 to Asset Suite 9 - the migration to a new release is much more difficult.

OLAV provides software tools, conversion methodologies, and experienced consultants to perform this release upgrade from an older Asset Suite/PassPort release to a newer release.

The Asset Suite/PassPort release Upgrade service would require approximately four months as shown in method below: A five-week period is required to perform the initial data migration (by OLAV) This would involve verifying table structures in both releases, accounting for structural discrepancies, and moving the data. Special data corrections, (i.e. fixing low values, blanks, nulls) can be performed at this time. A report detailing the differences at the table and field level is also produced during this period. A five-week period follows for client review and verification of the new Asset Suite/PassPort system and data. Corrections will be documented at this time. One week is required to perform the second full data migration (by OLAV). A detailed production release upgrade schedule will be produced at this time for client review. A one-month period follows for a final client review and signoff of the new Asset Suite/PassPort system and data. The final production release upgrade will require one week. A final report detailing the differences at the table and field level is also produced.

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