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To improve its client’s data resilience OLAV developed this highly secure DoD ACE-IT approved and DISA STIG compliant satellite data collection and visualization tool (HydroDCS™) under our IDIQ contract with the Army Corps of Engineers Portland District – the leading provider of hydropower generation in America.

It’s available as both an on-premise appliance and SaaS that could be a real value-add to other dam operators across America and Canada.

The HydroDCS™ appliance now plays an integral role in assuring reliable data access and availability regardless of weather conditions or network status for this largest of America’s hydropower operators, enabling field monitoring data to be retrieved directly in near-real-time via a satellite telemetry receiver.

This allows USACE dam operators to collect operational data on even remote dam locations without in-person site visits.

The HydroDCS™ provides a secondary data source with satellite data access for 24/7/365 data availability. When wildfires disrupted network access to data USACE dam operators were able to continue their operations uninterrupted.

It has similar utility for data redundancy and secondary back-up during other network disruptions such as cybersecurity breaches to assure operational continuity, efficient remediation and avoided downtime.

Data resiliency for dam operations

Assuring Data Resilience and Availability

HydroDCS™ utilizes and expands upon the OpenDCS platform for real time hydro-meteorological data collection, analysis, storage, and display that’s broadly deployed across U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dam operations combining several tools for data acquisition and processing.

These include LRGS, DECODES, DCP Monitor Web App, and Time Series Database Computation Processor. 

With a customized HydroDCS™ application dam operators across America and Canada can now take a significant and highly affordable step in leveling up their digital readiness to assure their operational continuity.

This can be done at minimal cost compared to more traditional and less secure operational continuity and cybersecurity-related technologies and services.

HydroDCS Benefits           HydroDCS Spec Sheet

Adding this tool to your current hydropower digital capabilities will assure increased data availability, uninterrupted dam operations and improved dam resiliency.

This second 43-minute video provides a more detailed overview than the shorter 10-minute version at the top of this page (the first 7:18 minutes are the same as in the 10-minute overview – start at that point in this second video if you’ve already viewed the shorter 10-minute version).                                               

More Detailed Overview


Contact us if you need to strengthen your organizational cyber readiness, data resilience and operational preparedness to see how we might customize HydroDCS™ to your precise requirements.


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