Asset Suite/PassPort™ Production System Data Modification

On several occasions, Asset Suite/PassPort customers have had a need to modify or add data to an existing production system, beyond the scope or functionality of the online application. OLAV has developed a robust, PC-based suite of tools designed to update a production Asset Suite/PassPort system in both online (via ODBC connectivity) and batch modes.

Projects Completed

  1. Catalog Item (Stockcode) Consolidation Our SmartPart tool is currently being used to identify duplicate stockcodes by analyzing the catalog description and the manufacturer part and model number information. The duplicate stockcode may then be marked as obsolete, and all associated information (inventory, purchase orders, work orders, accounting, etc.) is migrated to the remaining active stockcode. The SmartPart tool may be installed at the customer site and used in an ongoing basis to identify and consolidate duplicates stockcodes.
  2. Adding A New Facility Our PPC tool was used to create a new Asset Suite/PassPort facility, and generate all the necessary supporting records (vendor, equipment, preventative maintenance orders, etc.) in a single operation. This saved the customer hundreds of hours of online data entry.
  3. Adding A Model Work Order Another customer has used our software tools to add a new model work order and associate it with all current facilities.
  4. Splitting Up A Production System Provided a large customer with the ability to extract one or more facilities from a single production system, and creating a new, separate stand alone system for extracted facilities.
  5. Moving Equipment From One Facility To Another The customer requirement was to move specified equipment and all supporting data (preventative maintenance, work orders, etc.) from one facility to another facility.
  6. Vendor Consolidation A customer had several duplicate vendor records that were created by mistake. OLAV provided a tool to consolidate the duplicate vendor codes into a single code.
  7. Archiving Data Performed a custom archiving of production data for a large client.