Legacy Catalog Description to Asset Suite/PassPort™ Template Conversion

Most EAM systems today require that inventory item descriptions follow a structured description hierarchy, otherwise known as a catalog template.  Templates organize the various attributes of an item description into a predefined order and format and associate them with the proper noun and qualifying adjective. Legacy catalog descriptions must be accurately converted into this template structure before loading into a new system to eliminate duplicate items, minimize unnecessary re-orders, and provide more productive search results for end-users.

OLAV provides software tools, conversion methodologies, training, and experienced consultants necessary to prepare legacy catalog descriptions for loading into a new, template-oriented EAM system (e.g., Asset Suite/PassPort).

The estimated time for the catalog conversion task is based on the availability and participation of client personnel. It is strongly recommended that this task be started very early in the project, with sufficient resources assigned. OLAV will furnish the initial base template set (at no cost, provided 50,000 or more catalog descriptions are to be converted). OLAV will convert the catalog descriptions and provide the client a hard copy for review. An online review is also available; however, the hard copy review may be faster. OLAV will provide load files, as required, for the new EAM (e.g., Asset Suite/PassPort) system. These files may be used to load DB2 or Oracle tables directly. If necessary, load files may also be generated to support the EAM system load programs. Throughout the catalog conversion process, it is very likely that new items will be added to the legacy catalog. OLAV will account for all incremental changes to the source (legacy) data during the description mapping and conversion process.

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