Legacy Company/Manufacturer/Vendor Consolidation

OLAV provides software tools, consolidation methodologies, and experienced consultants required to successfully identify and merge various and disparate legacy sources of company, manufacturer, and vendor information into a single company code and address(es).  Creating a single, quality company/manufacturer/vendor list is critical for the successful implementation of any new EAM or ERP system.
The estimated time for the data migration task is based on the availability and participation of client personnel.
  1. OLAV will perform the first-pass consolidation of the legacy data.
  2. OLAV will provide software tools to support client review and modification of the consolidated records.
  3. OLAV will provide load files, as required, for the new EAM (e.g., Asset Suite/PassPort) system.  These files may be used to load DB2 or Oracle tables directly.  If necessary, load files may also be generated to support the EAM system load programs.
  4. OLAV will account for all incremental changes to the source (legacy) data during the conversion process.
The estimated cost for Company/Manufacturer/Vendor consolidation varies greatly from client to client.  The range has been from $0.25 to $2.00 per legacy record.
OLAV has successfully completed Consolidation and Data Conversion projects for several clients, ranging from 20,000 to over 200,000 legacy records.